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How does Wen.nz work?

Think of Wen.nz as a tool that works as links forwarding & shortening service. We collect stats that important for your marketing and future planning such as number of visits per day, per month, or total and also information likes their countries and which website they came from. This service also is a perfect tool to help you with Instagram, since you can not post links with your posts there, this service gives you the ability to overcome this problem by using something called "link code" that can be easily used by your followers.

Is this service intended only for Instagram?

No, this service can be used to create your marketing links and publish them anywhere. Although the site was built mainly for Instagram.

What can statistics provide me?

The statistics available for each link are daily, weekly, monthly and total visits. Including visitors countries.
These stats are important for you to plan and market your website/store/product with confidence.

How to register on Wen.nz?

You can start using Wen.nz now free, by clicking the button below.

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