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Terms and Conditions

A. Usage of the website:

  1. The website should be used in a respected, ethical way.
  2. We are not responsible under any circumstance about the shared content on the website.
  3. We block the the access to some content partially or entirely from time to time without the need to notify the users if it violates our terms.
  4. By creating an account, you accept these terms and the privacy policy.

B. Content:

  1. We have no responsibility for the content of the external URLs found on the site, or the result of visiting them.
  2. The site has the right to remove any content at any time, and also the website can use some content of the shared links to display ads or to use in stats.

C. Continuity of service :

  1. We are keen to provide a permanent 24-hour service, but this does not mean ensuring the continuity of the service but we will fight to achieve that.

D. Other Terms:

  1. These conditions apply to all users of the Site.
  2. When you use this website, you have to comply with all the terms and conditions mentioned. We have the right to change these terms anytime, and it's duty to visit this page to know about terms from time to time.

Last update: 24/09/2017