Privacy Notice: When words such as "we", "site" or "domain" are mentioned in the text, they all belong to any user have account here.

A. For the site:

  1. We collect simple information that is not related to the violation of the privacy of the user\'s data such as session data.
  2. We use some of the collected data (see A.1) for marketing purpose.
  3. We do not publish users data such as email or hashed passwords under any circumstances, but we know that bad things happened sometimes.

B - As for the user:

  1. You have agreed upon registration on the terms of the site, so you must follow them to ensure that your privacy is in good standing.
  2. The content you share may not be yours but you have shared it here and this may be considered a partial waiver of your privacy with respect to the content.
  3. We do not guarantee all published contents and some of them may redirect to illegal content.

C- As for the content:

  1. We do not host any illegal files or images that have copyrights.
  2. There may be violations of rights but this happens from users ignorant of the privacy of the site and when we find these things will be deleted immediately.
Last update: 24/09/2017