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How to use Wen.nz?

How to use the service?

1- Register a new account on the site

Get a membership in the site, it is free and you can simply register.

2- Create and share your links.

  • Create your links easily, and assign unique slugs (codes) to them.
  • Share them on the social media, like Instagram, or Twitter.
  • You will have advanced stats (daily, weekly, monthly and total) in addition to the referral mediums and users countries, to plan and market your website and products better in the future.

3- Reasons to use Wen.nz

  1. You can use this service as links shortening tool, or powerful links forwarder for Instagram.
  2. This service gives you advanced stats and it helps plan and market your website/product better.
  3. It solves the Instagram problem where user can not post links with their posts. It gives the perfect solution using the simple link codes & the main user page as a forwarder hub.